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  • Flood Street Carousel

    Located one block east of [[Johns Hopkins Hospital | Johns Hopkins]], Flood Street is a coffe house and independent bookstore. It has a well-stocked occult book section which, in combination with the excellent coffee, has enabled it to become a regular …

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital

    Johns Hopkins Hospital is not only widely regarded as the best research hospital in Australia, it’s also one of the largest. The huge campus occupies many blocks in Leichhardt (just west of the city) — it’s slowly becoming its own miniature city within …

  • Church of Saint Anthony

    Church on the mend. Was originally abandoned before [[:tonyskelato | Tony "Skeletony" Skelato]] started living here. There's parts where you can tell the church was 100 years old, but there's other bits that have been renovated with new walls, carpets and …

  • Cent Tent City

    Is a park near central station. There is a little shambled together tent city / homeless shelter. [[File:661958 | class=media-item-align-center | 70299e5e894b13164a92e234dd30d72f.jpeg]] Run by: [[:michael-shepherd | Michael Shepherd ]]