Cafe Hopping

Episode 4
Go forth and eat fish

We begin at Tony’s small church where his weekend sermon is interrupted by a blood thirsty mob. In order to limit bloodshed Tony convinces Olive and Val to help investigate the supernatural disturbances at Cent Tent City.

After cramming into Olive’s old van Val is surprised with a call from his mothers assistant with some rather disturbing news. He has called to inform Val that unless he starts getting some red court goss, his allowance will be cut off. An agreement was made and Val was given 2 weeks by Albert to give some sort of report.

Podcast episode 4

Character creation
"Wait... There's a game after this?"

Great work everyone! Tonight’s session went really well, I’m really excited about some of the ideas we got and characters we’ve created. Your immediate homework is to add your characters to obsedian portal so that we can finish them off.

I’ve created a forum post reguarding things you would like in the story. Could you post your ideas in there (even if you already told them to me)

Only bad things happen before coffee

Our three adventurers where met with a harsh surprise early on Wednesday morning to find that their usual coffee shop was closed. Martin, Chad, Fletch and Nate entered to find the dead bodies of two university students that Deanne usually hired to work at the cafe. After some quick detective work a thug in a Hawaiian jumps through the back storeroom door dealing a near fatal shot to Fledge that he only just manages to miss. After a quick exchange Fletch manages to deal a defeating blow to the thug, crushing his head much to the dismay of Nate.

Diane doesn’t appear to be in the cafe and Chad runs to her house in order to find her; The rest of the party follow. When they arrive at her house they find Diane tied to a chair in the middle of the living room. When Fletch runs into (again) a trap a ward around Dianne is triggered, throwing everyone against the wall. As the body of Dianne is thrown against the wall it dissolves into the shape of another goon as the effect of a glamour fades off.

Ravenborn uses this as his opportunity to walk in and try to attack Nate over their long family feud. It seems he made a deal with Eric to help kidnap Dianne if he could have Nate. Using his powers of sassy report Nate manages to distract Ravenborn enough for Fletch to deal a finishing blow, breaking his nose. Screaming in agony Ravenborn is left in the room. Martin uses his psychic skills on the shirt of the goon to find that Diane has been taken somewhere damp and near the ocean.

Our party head to the fey line under Fort Denison where Fletch surprises Eric with a disfiguring blow to the face. Eric reveals that he kidnapped Diane in a plan to create a thrall of her so he could use her to create fake red court blood to sell.

Our heroes take Eric to the warden of the town to decide his fate and finally return to Flood Street.


Illustrations courtesy of Dom


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