Damocles Ravenborn

Actually Red Court, but Still a Poser


Totally has a broken nose from Fletch Ali


Damocles Ravenborn leads a half-dozen strong gang of Red Court vampires in Baltimore. Prior to the Vampire War, he was intimidated by Old Man Montrose into keeping a very low prole. Once the war started, they stayed out of the way (nobody believes he was capable of killing Evan’s father, but you never know…). Now that the Old Man is dead, Ravenborn is ready to assert his strength against Evan Montrose and the rest of Sydney.
Sydney needn’t worry too much. Damocles Ravenborn is the ultimate goth vampire LARP poser, like he’s perpetually playing Evernight—right down to the sunglasses, trenchcoat, and katana. A classic bully, Damocles is quickly intimidated by anyone who stands up to him, which is how Old Man Montrose kept him in check so d easily. But he does hold a grudge. Even though he’s a poser, as an actual Red Court vampire, Damocles can still be dangerous—the same way a toddler with a gun can still kill people. The trick with Damocles is to show him who’s the boss early on and to make it about something other than fighting. Personally, I’m nursing a theory that someone
turned him as a way of getting rid of him—folks will only let a rabid mutt run wild for so long.

Damocles Ravenborn

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